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How you can join us

We appreciate there are many charities and very worthwhile causes out there that you are being asked to support.  All we ask that you consider- and act to support- our efforts to achieve our goals and find a life without diabetes for our beautiful daughter.

Here’s how;


Join the team and complete in any number of the 40 race events – it can be 1, 2, 5, 10  or any number of the events OR create your event.

join us for an event_big

It is going to be an adventure as we aim to complete 40 events. Your company in completing even one event would be amazing.


Support us by donating to the team to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) .

raise awareness_big

Raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes research and our journey to find a cure.

One thought on “Join us

  1. Fee Hamilton says:

    so sorry to her of her diagnosis,I have been IDDM1 since 1966 my dob was 1962. Have relatively no complications,. mananged to maintain an average bsl of 4.6 most of my life ,successfully bred 1 healthy child She can live a relatively normal life. I’ve got all 4
    .limbs,great kidney function normal eyesight for a 52 rear old get a fantastic endo avoid white flour realise sugar’s in most foods be strong.When I was diagnosed my mum a triple cert reg.nurse was basically told she’d be fine because she knew how to inject.It must be horrible to deal with. Blessings be upon you ,you’re such wonderful parents.Sincerely Fee Hamilton.

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