Event 15 – Bondi Bluewater ocean swims


We were going to take a week off this week, but there’s a swim on our doorstep!

Bondi SBLSC are hosting ocean swims this coming Sunday, 23rd February.

This will be Event 15 on the calendar.

Confirmed so far:

Colin, Jimmy, Natalie, Niamh, Ronan

There are two options:

9am – 1 km

10am – 2.1km

Race entry

Online Entries at Oceanswims.com close at noon on Saturday 22 February 2014.

On-The-Day Entries will be accepted from 7.30am to 9am

About the race:

A different course around Bondi Bay, this time run by Bondi SBLSC from near the centre of the beach. Main swim is a champagne glass-shaped course which runs out from in front of Bondi surf club, out towards McKenzies Pt, across towards Ben Buckler at the northern end of Bondi, then back into the surf club near the beach’s centre.

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