Friday 16th May – 4040 Trivia Night


Please join us for our 4040 Trivia Night on Friday 16th May!

Dave Kane will be the host and organiser for what promises to be a great night, with wonderful assistance, as ever, from Niamh Nuijten and her sister Maeve.
Now let’s jog that brain of yours in preparation for the Trivia night…

  • In 2008, Kate Winslet finally won an Academy Award for Best Actress – but which film was it for?


  • If you buy two items with an original price of £10 each but with 20% off each one and another item with an original price of £20 but with 30% off, how much do you spend in total?


If you can answer the questions above without the help of any search engine, and you like to challenge your brain a bit more, we would like to invite you to 4040 trivia night on 16 May 2014.


Event details:

  • Date: Friday 16th May 2014
  • Venue: The Labour Club Randwick
  • Time: 7.00pm until 10.00pm
  • Teams: 6-8 people per team
  • Table price: $150

If you would like to submit a team, please send an email to David Kane(

You can also register a team for the event via facebook 


Please note, places are limited…so as they say ‘get in fast’.




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