Event 8 – Newport Beach ocean swims

Event 8 –  Sunday 5th January – Newport Beach Pool to Peak Ocean Swim


Event 8 of 40 done!

Absolutely great to swim with Niamh in the first of the swims at Newport. Tricky conditions with a bit of swell on. Niamh did really well even though she will say she hated it! Really enjoyed running out of the surf with Niamh to see Alannah, Daire and Oscar cheer us on. Niamh left me for dead on the run to the finish!

Big day all round.

Dave and I left Kensington at 6.45am for the ride to Newport. Thought we were in for a cruisy ride, but we got drenched in some heavy showers. All up about 45ks on the bike up to Newport beach.

Niamh and I did the 800m swim at 9am and then Alan Murphy, Colin Gibbons and I did the 2k at 10am.

Really good to catch up with Alan’s Mum and sister who are visiting from Ireland. Alan’s Mum wasn’t impressed with the length of the swim. She didn’t think it looked long at all 🙂



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