Event 32 – Sunday 10th August – City2Surf


Hope everyone’s training is going well! Wishing everyone a great race for Sunday.

We’d love to catch up with our 4040 team either before the race, for those who can make it, or after the race. There are a few options after the race so hopefully we can all catch up.  If you can make Enda and Ange’s place after the race, please let us know for catering purposes.

Pre-race meeting for race photo

If you will be in the city early, we are meeting for a 4040 photo at 7.30am in Hyde Park.

Meet in the park at the corner of Park St and Elizabeth St (opposite Starbuck’s Cafe).

We know everyone is taking part in different waves so if you are in a later wave please take some photos and send them to us so we can


Post City to Surf Celebrations

Immediately after the race

Enda and Ange have very kindly invited us around to their house for a catch-up and a sausage to celebrate

Address: 102 O’Donnell St, North Bondi

Cross ST: Gould St

Please see map below for exact location. Enda has recommended printing this map out to help find Enda and Ange’s house.


From 12pm onwards

Bondi Bowling Club – www.bondibowls.com.au/

Address: 1 Warners Ave, Bondi

This has been recommended as a great place to meet up after the race. It is back from the beach and is very child friendly.

The bistro opens at 1pm for people wanting to eat.

The bowling club is about a 10 minute walk from Enda and Ange’s house.

Please refer to the map below for exact location.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.


Enda and Ange’s house – 102 O’Donnell St, North Bondi



Bondi Bowling Club – 1 Warners Ave, Bondi




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